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The Shanghai Rainbow A Spectacular Journey

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The Zaragoza  Rainbow

In Zaragoza in the North East of Spain, the streets were old and cobbled stoned, and there so suddenly, I met Conchita.

My first kiss, was wondrous and cheeky. Oh! She kissed me, not me kiss her!

Then we exchanged broken Spanish and English. "You kissed me and you don’t even know my name!" I said, i told her my name and she replied “I am Conchita, i am your girlfriend” She had a Dimple in her beautiful cute chin, and a sweet loving smile, as she drew me closer to her, i felt amazed and marveled at her forward manner, ah! but i liked it!

"You will be having an interesting life, and you will go to many places, with wonder, with splendour, with surprise" she said. I responded and said “how do you know that?”  “I know all there is to know about you, and you will see me again, in another place, another world”. She said.

Can you close your eyes?" " Yes"  i said, "but why? do you want to kiss me again?"

"Just close your eyes and be calm, very calm, calm now calm ssshhh quiet now peaceful, be peaceful, hold my hand and come with me." whooossh  there  was a sound like that,  whooossh, i felt i was being lifted up into the air, gently but quickly, i then saw  something  magnificent, shining and moving and very bright. It was a rainbow wobbling and shaking, i had never seen anything like it before, it was amazing!

We entered  the Rainbow, "Welcome my dearest companion" Conchita said, "we are going on a journey, oh! filled with splendour, filled with wonder."  Go To Buy The Shanghai Rainbow

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