Romance Fantasy Story

The Shanghai Rainbow A Spectacular Journey

 Story Introduction

Hello. My name is Kevin. I am a 74 year old Freelance writer. My first story is called The Shanghai Rainbow.
Basically there are two main characters in the story, myself and a female. Her name is Conchita and she teaches lessons of love by using magic
   The fantasy consists of Conchita taking me on a journey that enables us both, to be situated inside of many rainbows. Each rainbow offers a lesson. After the lesson from each rainbow a further journey takes place and the journey shows the reader a spectacular new world. 
Harmony and love are both designed in the new world that can be lived in for a period of time..
   The transportation for each journey is provided by a vehicle called The Nimita. The Nimita and what it represents is further explained in the  story. 
   The Nimita travels from Zaragoza Spain To Quenca in South America then onto Shanghai China. 
My second story is called The Chinese Wand and The Magic Lamp. It is slightly connected to the Shanghai Rainbow story. See the new world and its people. Step inside the Nimita and see what it does. Learn of the intentions of the people in the new world.
This journey is a splendid experience with amazing magic.
Thank you and please enjoy your journey! 
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